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Today's nail polish is Sally Hansen HD, color: Hue.

Given the fact that my skin tone has a lot of yellow in it, I can't wear a lot of yellow (to my eternal heartbreak). In the bottle, this is a very shimmery butter yellow that I felt like I could get away with, since it's such a true yellow. On the nail, it's really more of a very pale gold and I don't know how it would look in winter, when I'm more washed out, but I'm brown enough right now that I think it looks spectacular. I adore metallic polishes, but a lot of golds wash out against my skin tone. This is just shocking/vivid enough.

It's a little messy, because the polish has a bigger brush than I've been working with lately, which means I was kind of splooging it everywhere, and it's very very sheer, so I was trying to make sure I had good coverage (this is 4 coats), which increases the chances of screwing it all up. I'm satisfied with it, though. And the polish is probably the fastest drying I've come across (though all Sally Hansen's are really fast in my experience), so putting 4 coats on only took about as much time (or less) than 2-3 coats of another polish.

Large pic behind the cut. )

I had/have another post I want to make, about... Well. That's sort of my problem. I want to talk about my experience as a tall, fat woman and womens' bodies that are deemed worthy of protection versus those that are not, but I'm not sure how to untangle all of it and parts of it are rooted in bigger concepts I don't feel ready/competent to take on, and I'm afraid it all sounds like whining anyway, so I don't know. We'll see if I can screw my courage to the sticking place or not.


imperfectlyperfect: Close-up of fingernails painted dark purple with white nail art. (Default)

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