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When I took off Nucleus, I decided to give another of the Chameleon polishes, Fandango, a try. Fandango is a blue/teal/green polish that mainly leans green. Sadly, it has the exact same problems as Nucleus: very sheer (which requires 4 coats to get fully opaque), prone to bubble, and slow to dry.

Unfortunately, I spaced on getting pictures of Fandango by itself, but the bubbling annoyed me sufficiently that I decided to cover it up and hide it behind an extreme dotticure (dotted manicure).

21 Color Salute! )
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Believe it or not, the idea for this manicure was The Husband's idea.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for my final manicure. On the one hand, it was the last one, so you feel like you should do something big and fancy and showy...on the other hand, I feel like half the time that just sets up an enormous amount of pressure and subsequent guilt if you can't attain that level of showiness and brilliance and it's often as good or better to do something really simple really well.

I don't KNOW that I did something really simple really well, but I love the hell out of this very simple, super cute manicure.

I am done with my graceless heart/So tonight I'm going to cut it out and then restart... )

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I have a confession to make.

I was hoping that I would hate this manicure.

Let me explain. This is the manicure I was trying to do on the 27th and ended up giving up in frustration. But I decided to give it another try.

This was my inspiration, and as you'll see, I pretty much copied it exactly. The thing is, it wasn't any less frustrating the second time around. The polishes just did not want to dry. I kept stupidly bumping my wet nails into things: cotton balls, the very nail polish bottles I was using, my OWN skin and nails...meaning that nails kept having to be painted all over again, or badly was a royal PITA.

So I was hoping that, though I pressed on through sheer bullheadedness, that when all was said and done, I would HATE this manicure, do I'd never be tempted to attempt this royal PITA manicure ever again.

But alas.


Just look! )
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This manicure is a riff off one that I have since lost the link to. It's not the manicure I started out to do, but my first manicure was just bogged down in disaster (kept snagging my wet nails, polish taking forever to dry, etc) and I got impatient and gave up on it. So this was plan B.

I envision my cells... )

Though we're in an area affected by Sandy's landfall, so far we're doing okay. It's rainy and windy and there's flooding in areas nowhere near our apartment, but we're holding tight. Just pray The Husband and I don't kill each other, being trapped in one not-very-big apartment. He gets cranky when he's not allowed to go to work. :/
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Continuing my thought from last night... I've been kvetching about being restricted to one color all month (by my choice!), but it is true that having a limited palette and limited shades within that color has forced me to be more creative, in terms of coming up with this many manicures that are all the same color but still distinct from each other. I don't know if I'll ever do a project like this again, but it's been a wonderful stretch.

Pink Manicure 15. )

Pink Manicure 16. )

Pink Manicure 16.5. )

Pink Manicure 17. )

Pink Manicure 18. )

Pink Manicure 18.5. )

Pink Manicure 19. )

Pink Manicure 20. )

Pink Manicure 21. )

Lately, I'm also posting my pics to Twitter and Instagram. I'm poisontaster at both places, if you'd rather follow me either of those places.
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It becomes something of a Catch-22. Each manicure is between 2-5 pictures...but if I miss a day of posting, that starts to add up. And I get lazy.

Right now, I have a backlog of around 40 pictures. I'm not going to subject you to all of them in one post, but I gotta get started, because the backlog ain't getting no smaller!

Pink Manicure 10. )

I was so tired I don't even remember what color I used for the dark pink. But I smudged Pure Ice's Cheatin' glitter across the tip and graded it up the nail. Cheatin' is beautiful in the bottle, intense purple and blue microglitter in a clear base, but it was difficult to work with and I feel like it just looked dirty on the nail. The shine didn't really transfer. I'll try it with something else, see if I like it better, but this manicure just didn't do it for me. It was what it was: a place filler.

Pink Manicure 11. )

Pink Manicure 11.5. )

Pink Manicure 12. )

Pink Manicure 12.5. )

Pink Manicure 13. )

Pink Manicure 14. )

I know that I went for the short version of all these manicuresand I keep using the same colors over and over, so I do't know how much to say about each of them.

Somewhere in here, I switched from using Out The Door top coat to the next one I'm trying out, China Glaze's Fast Forward. I'm not especially fond of this one. Firstly, it has a strong odor that I don't like, rather like artifical grape & wet stone combined. Secondly, I don't feel like it dries or cures as fast as Seche Vite or Out The Door. I've had so many more nail flubs in the past week than I'm used to because my nails weren't as dry as I thought they'd be. I don't think it adds much shine, either. Which is not a deal breaker, but is certainly not a benefit. Thickness wise, it's not as thick as Seche Vite, but comparably thick to Out the Door.

And a final note about dots/dotting: on the one hand, I tend to be impatient, so I'm sure I'm putting on my top coat before the dots are fully dry. On the other hand, it would seem that some top coats just have a tendency to smear when you use them, regardless of how long you wait. *shrugs*

I'll try to get up manicures 15-21 tomorrow. Man, I am going to be SO OVER pink when this is all done. But it's been fun and interesting at the same time.
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I really like doing my nails in two different colors. I don't know what it is, exactly. This manicure started as another attempt to do that Phases of the Moon manicure that I did in beige & black, but in shades of pink, instead. I didn't like how it turned out this time, either, so I decided to just alternate colors and do a half & half on my middle finger:

Uneven Phases )

conversely, I ADORED this next manicure.

I'd been messing around with incorporating black into the palette, while still keeping the pink front and center. I'd been thinking of it in terms of people we've lost to breast cancer, but in a moment of inspiration, I thought it could also refer, just as easily, to the darkness that surrounds you when you go through a cancer experience, even as a bystander. So I decided to do another riff on the Cloudy Day manicure I did on my Chicago trip. And it came out great!

Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul. )

Looking for inspiration, I'd googled "pink manicures" just to see what came up and I found this ombre manicure. The blogger had used stamping, but it would be just as easy to do actual dotting.

A Little Dotty. )

I decided to give each of the top coats I bought a week-long try out. I used INM Out the Door for this manicure. It's got approximately the same wet-to-surface dry time as Seche Vite, but it's a much thinner polish, meaning it doesn't feel as seamlessly smooth to the touch (I can still feel the bumps of the dots through it) and it doesn't dry as glassy-shiny. Still, I've been wearing this manicure since this morning, and there's no noticeable shrinkage at all. I definitely want to try it with a vegetarian polish like Zoya before I pronounce it my new favorite, but it's definitely impressed me so far.
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though I don't honestly expect that I'm going to raise anyone's awareness, I decided I wanted to try and do a month's worth of pink manicures. I don't know if I'll succeed, but just the action of doing it has given me a sense of comfort and solidarity.

Six Days of Pink. )

I feel like this project is being good for me in a few different ways. I do have a feeling of connectedness, of being part of something larger that I don't think I've ever had, in relation to cancer. I spent a lot of my cancer time defining and having illuminated all the ways I was RADICALLY DIFFERENT from everyone else, both in how I dealt with my cancer and in how the various medications and side effects affected me. So this is a new thing and it's a...IDK. A reminder that this is something that has affected me, at a very personal level. And then, at the other end, it's something very life-affirming and creative, to bring beauty out of something that has otherwise affected me so negatively. It's a mental exercise to work with a single color (albeit in many shades) and come up with something different each time. Like I said above, I don't know if I can realistically come up with 31 different pink manicures. But I will enjoy the hell out of trying.

"I was very against pink and purple when I was young, because they were girls' colors. But that was only because I didn't want people to write me off for what I can do. When I got into my 20s, I decided that was stupid. " ~Danica Patrick
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So, I'm going to be going away for a few days. The family is throwing a shindig for my grandma's 85th birthday party and I need to be there, because my grandma is my hero and my inspiration. So.

I'm a little facepalmy about how I'm thinking about what nail polish I want to take with me, but I don't know what I'm taking or doing or how that's all going to work out. It'll probably be boring nails and super busy for four days. (not that I think you're hanging around waiting on my every word or anything. heh)

Breakfast Combo No. 1 & Color Blocking for Fun but No Profit. )
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Zoya's Phoebe is a polish you've seen before; I used Phoebe to make the little dots over Orly's Mysterious Curse a few days ago. But those little dots didn't do Phoebe justice:

A whole lot of painting going on! (image heavy) )

So, that's been my Great Nail Adventure. What are you wearing today?
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Today was another series of trial-and-error. Last night, as I was trawling across Pinterest, I found this manicure, on one of the Julep boards:

Inspirational Stripes. )

I decided to strike out into more original territory and experiment with the first option. So first I put on two coats of Zoya's Caitlin.

I Didn't Earn My Stripes. )

So. While I like all the colors individually, I was very unhappy with the combination. The colors were too drab together to be really interesting, all the "interest" was only viable from close up, and even close up, the colors were too similar. And, at the end of the day, it wasn't enough like the manicure I wanted.

At this point, and still coasting on the hangover of yesterday's migraine, I was vexed. The choice was simple: I could spend another hour of my life in a second attempt, using my B Team of colors (Dreamer, Caitlin & Nein!) or I could say fuck it and do something simple and fast.

Simple and fast won. Well. At least in theory.

Whimsical & 'The FLOTUS'. )
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I tried out Butter's Snog. It's a dark raspberry pink creme. I liked it fine. Like Slapper, it has a nice, smooth formulation, it's color true from bottle to nail, it dries pretty quickly and to a nice hard shine.

Snog. )

I was going to be wearing a red dress, so I decided to go with Cult Nail's Annalicious, a beautiful bright red with a lot of intense gold shimmer. The shimmer doesn't show up as well in the picture, but trust me it's there:

Annalicious. )

After failing with Orly's It's a Meteor layered over Germanicure, I wanted to give it another chance to shine and I thought it might go better against a brighter color, so I layered it over the Annalicious:

Iron Man. )

At lunch with the ladies, [ profile] beanside & [ profile] nilchance surprised me with one of the colors off my wish list, Sinful's Cinderella.

Cinderella, Cinderella, night and day, it's Cinderella... )

Unfortunately, we had crab legs for dinner, and cracking open the carpace was not so great for my manicure, so it only lasted a couple hours. Lesson learned.

When we got back home, I decided to try out a new polish I'd scored with the gals, Essie's Trophy Wife:

Trophy Wife. )
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When I saw Sinful's Rain Storm, through [personal profile] embroiderama, I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT. Sadly, I live in the Tattooine of the U.S. (if there is a bright, shiny center to the univere, I'm the spot that's furthest away from it), and it was just not to be found in Frederick.

But [personal profile] embroiderama to the rescue again! With hardly any pleading on my part, she agreed to check her local store and see if she could score me a bottle. AND SHE DID. \0/

(Seriously, I have been hanging out at my mailbox like a sad puppy, waiting for this mofo to show up)

Sadly, I forgot to get a picture before I'd blinged up my ring finger with Orly's Sashay My Way, but there's plenty of Rain Storm still showing. I thought about playing with the matte top coat again, but I felt like this manicure called out for that hard shine.

There's a Rain Storm Sashaying My Way. )
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This is an old post now. I had it 90% written and then I got too lazy to upload the pics and post. Or, well, lazy and the fact that I have a cold that is sucking all the life from me. So, okay.

After seeing a swatch of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Color in Ivy League on a friend, I decided I had to try that color out RIGHT AWAY, since I already have it.

Well. I got the first coat on okay and I was waiting for the second coat to dry when I had some kind of crazy tremor in my hand and completely fucked it up. I mean, completely. Exasperated with myself, I took it all off and tried again.

I'd just put the second coat on my left hand when The Husband emailed and asked me out to lunch. It was all still totally wet, because this is NOT a fast-drying polish. So, it all got screwed up again, and it never dried enough to take a picture.

So here's the thing: the color on Ivy League is GORGEOUS. It's a pale, metallic green, like a peridot. It looks amazing. But. The polish is INCREDIBLY slow to dry. I think it is probably my slowest drying polish to date.

It's one thing for polishes to dry a little (or a lot) slowly on the second coat, but Ivy League is slow to dry even in the FIRST coat, which is just kind of a deal breaker for me. And, because it's so slow to dry, it got very bubbly. So, after the second time it all got messed up, I decided fuck this for a game of soldiers, and decided to try something else.

I'd been eyeballing China Glaze's Trendsetter in my box for a while now; it's a dark yellow/gold polish in the bottle and I suspected it wouldn't look very good against my yellow skintone. I'd gotten it as part of a collection purchase; it probably wasn't something that I would've bought on my own. But, since I had it and as long as I was just fucking around anyway, I decided, why not?

Well. I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Strictly in the bottle, I feel like it's one of those colors that's so ugly it might go round the bend back into repulsively interesting?

On the nail, my first thought was Harvest Gold, a color I've always liked considerably less than that other staple of the 70's, Avocado Green. And, as I suspected, it didn't really look great against my already yellow skin. Once on, it made me feel like I had a severe smoking problem. So, after snapping a quick pic (this is just after 1 coat), I took it all off.

Yellow Blues. )

Today was really not my day and I maybe/probably should've just said fuck it and not bothered to try again, but I'm stubborn. So the next polish I picked out was another one I'd been dying to try as soon as it showed up.

There are certain shades I've been looking for from the start. I want a nice, true red creme, I want to find the perfect gray-blue/cadet grey, and I'm looking for a specific kind of purple.
But all the purples I'd found so far were too dark and/or too dusty or too red, or otherwise not-right. Until this one.

It's another color I couldn't get to photograph well; I've noticed the pictures I take with my phone tend to tinge a little blue, and, consequently, all the pictures came out very blue, but let me assure you, this polish is NOT blue. It's an amazing, almost GLOWING grape purple. It's so utterly amazing; of all the polishes I have that haven't photographed true, this is the most vexing, because it's such a lovely, LOVELY color. I keep saying, "This is the purple of my HEART!" And it is.

The Purple of My Heart. )
The formula is smooth and easy to apply with solid coverage. It's a little sheer, even after 3 coats, but not unacceptably so. It's just perfect

In the meantime, I also decided it was time to redo my toes (my toes and my fingers never match) So, if you can stand to take a look at my ugly foot, here's Essie's Coat Azure. Excuse the mess; I hadn't cleaned up my toes yet.

ALSO A POLISH MADE OF LOVE AND SUNSHINE. I have to repeat how impressed I am with Essie as a brand. Their polishes are so amazingly consistent in how well they apply, the trueness of the color, opacity, how long they last. If I was going to cleave to a single brand, that brand would be Essie.

This little piggy. )
Coat Azure is the closest I've come to the blue-gray of my dreams, though it's not quite there yet. It's very blue, but it's got a kind of bruised storm cloud quality to it that I really love. It feels very classy and elegant and I find myself wishing I had a pair of peep toe pumps to properly show it off.

So, my Julep polishes have arrived (and I'm PLEASED AS PUNCH with them so far!) and I purchased another collection, so hopefully I will post about those soon.
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Sometimes the brain is a stupid and contradictory place. I create this journal specifically to post and natter about my nail polish (among other things) and I start freaking out, feeling like...I'm posting too much about my nail polish.

*facepalms x a million*

Anyway. I did end up taking off the Roman Gelato that same night, thinking that we'd be (possibly) getting up and traveling the next day and I wouldn't have a lot of time in the morning.

Big pix under the cut; 4 polishes )


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