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Continuing my thought from last night... I've been kvetching about being restricted to one color all month (by my choice!), but it is true that having a limited palette and limited shades within that color has forced me to be more creative, in terms of coming up with this many manicures that are all the same color but still distinct from each other. I don't know if I'll ever do a project like this again, but it's been a wonderful stretch.

Pink Manicure 15. )

Pink Manicure 16. )

Pink Manicure 16.5. )

Pink Manicure 17. )

Pink Manicure 18. )

Pink Manicure 18.5. )

Pink Manicure 19. )

Pink Manicure 20. )

Pink Manicure 21. )

Lately, I'm also posting my pics to Twitter and Instagram. I'm poisontaster at both places, if you'd rather follow me either of those places.
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I really like doing my nails in two different colors. I don't know what it is, exactly. This manicure started as another attempt to do that Phases of the Moon manicure that I did in beige & black, but in shades of pink, instead. I didn't like how it turned out this time, either, so I decided to just alternate colors and do a half & half on my middle finger:

Uneven Phases )

conversely, I ADORED this next manicure.

I'd been messing around with incorporating black into the palette, while still keeping the pink front and center. I'd been thinking of it in terms of people we've lost to breast cancer, but in a moment of inspiration, I thought it could also refer, just as easily, to the darkness that surrounds you when you go through a cancer experience, even as a bystander. So I decided to do another riff on the Cloudy Day manicure I did on my Chicago trip. And it came out great!

Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul. )

Looking for inspiration, I'd googled "pink manicures" just to see what came up and I found this ombre manicure. The blogger had used stamping, but it would be just as easy to do actual dotting.

A Little Dotty. )

I decided to give each of the top coats I bought a week-long try out. I used INM Out the Door for this manicure. It's got approximately the same wet-to-surface dry time as Seche Vite, but it's a much thinner polish, meaning it doesn't feel as seamlessly smooth to the touch (I can still feel the bumps of the dots through it) and it doesn't dry as glassy-shiny. Still, I've been wearing this manicure since this morning, and there's no noticeable shrinkage at all. I definitely want to try it with a vegetarian polish like Zoya before I pronounce it my new favorite, but it's definitely impressed me so far.
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so, if Sunday was my Iron Man manicure and yesterday was, as [personal profile] embroiderama pointed out, my Hulk manicure, I decided to try and do Captain America today. I already had the PERFECT blue for it!

Captain America. )
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I've been feeling like a lot of the blues I've been wearing have been photographing like the same color, even though, to the naked eye, they're not. (I don't know what it is about my phone camera; it seems to bend everything blue) So I thought I'd take a comparison photo.

I Guess That's Why They Call it The Blues. )

The picture is still not true color; Want My Bawdy is distinctly a LOT more purple than the other colors; Unfor-greta-bly Blue & Rodeo Fanatic are probably the most similar, but Greta is definitely more blue, whereas fanatic leans darker and with a bit more teal.

Given the problems with my phone, I'm not sure I proved to anyone's satisfaction other than my own that they're all different shades, but I guess I was the one worried about it...

I also tested out how similar China Glaze's Smoke & Ashes (part of their Hunger Games Collection) is to Sally Hansen's new Insta-Dri shade, In a Flurry.

In a Flurry vs. Smoke & Ashes. )

The answer to that one is that I think they're trying to be the same, but there are distinct differences. Both have gold & green glitter in a black base with a little bit of blue shimmer. But China Glaze has a much thicker, darker base and less glitter, compared to Sally Hansen's translucent black/gray base with a higher, shinier proportion of glitter. The China Glaze was also thick enough that one coat was sufficient, whereas the Sally Hansen needed 3.

OPI's Mystery wasn't like either of them, despite a superficial similarity in the bottle: it's a deep purple base with gold glitter that looks nothing like the other two.


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