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Today was another series of trial-and-error. Last night, as I was trawling across Pinterest, I found this manicure, on one of the Julep boards:

Inspirational Stripes. )

I decided to strike out into more original territory and experiment with the first option. So first I put on two coats of Zoya's Caitlin.

I Didn't Earn My Stripes. )

So. While I like all the colors individually, I was very unhappy with the combination. The colors were too drab together to be really interesting, all the "interest" was only viable from close up, and even close up, the colors were too similar. And, at the end of the day, it wasn't enough like the manicure I wanted.

At this point, and still coasting on the hangover of yesterday's migraine, I was vexed. The choice was simple: I could spend another hour of my life in a second attempt, using my B Team of colors (Dreamer, Caitlin & Nein!) or I could say fuck it and do something simple and fast.

Simple and fast won. Well. At least in theory.

Whimsical & 'The FLOTUS'. )
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So, my spreadsheet. In one of the columns, I link to the pictures I've taken of the various colors. However, there's a number of colors that I had tried, prior to the spreadsheet and when I was only indifferently photographing, so there were a dozen or so colors that were marked off as 'tried', but didn't have a corresponding picture.

This could not stand!

So, last night I ended up painting just my left hand with a lot of different colors and photographing it. I'm not going to bore you with my OCD craziness (more than I already have), but, in doing so, I discovered two things:

1) As of last night, I had tried 99 polishes.

2) Two of the colors I had already tried look AMAZEBALLS together!

My thought process was thus:

a) I would replicate that AMAZEBALLS manicure on both hands today and

b) I should do something special for my 100th manicure.

This morning, I realized that using two polishes I'd already sampled would not get me 100 polishes, so I decided I would try to replicate the EFFECT of last night's accidental manicure with a different base color, one that I had not yet tried.

Well. That didn't work out so good. The two colors I'd accidentally combined were Essence's Choose Me! (blue, green & gold microglitter in a blue jelly) and Essie's A Cut Above (rose-copper hex glitter of various sizes in a clear base). Together, they looked (to my eyes) like turquoise, or like cloisonné beads, or both.

So, with that image of turquoise in mind, I picked Revlon's Dreamer, a periwinkle blue-gray polish, thinking that would be closer to what turquoise actually looks like.

Dreamer & Dreamer w/A Cut Above. )

So, with my duty dispensed by sampling one new polish, I decided, FUCK IT, I was going to do my nails the way I wanted. So. I pulled out Choose Me! and started all over.

Here's Choose Me! by itself: )

When I put A Cut Above over Choose Me!, the blue faded out quite a bit and looks more like a patinaed coppery green. As usual, the pics don't do this justice and, out in the sun, it's even more striking and brilliant.

I Ch-Ch-Choose You!: )
This is one of those manicures where I walk around with my hands out in front of me, staring at them constantly. I just can't get over how great these look together.


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