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Man, what a mess. So I got all my pictures back pretty painlessly, but the way my back up service saves them, I ended up with doubles of some pictures and I still haven't unraveled everything. But with the help of my posts on Instagram, I think I've figured out where I left off.

These are all colors you've seen before. I think I mentioned it before, but I have an inexplicable abhorrence about wearing anything that's too Christmassy (IDEK), and it's the time of year where almost everything looks holiday-ish, so I decided to go in the opposite direction: summery pastels.

Lime Crime's Les Desserts d'Antoinette collection was perfect for the job.

Time for Dessert! )

Bonus Manicure: This is Flushed, from the Cult Nails Behind Closed Door Collection:

Flushed )
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Now that [ profile] mini_wrimo is behind me, I can start using some of those re-allocated spoons to catching up on posts over here.

This is, quite possibly, the most beautiful manicure I have ever done. It's amazing and gorgeous and SO FREAKING EASY I couldn't believe it.

The galaxy manicure.

Apparently, these were a big thing a while ago, and, being the geek that I am, I've been wanting to try them forever. I just thought it would be harder to do, and so I never tried. And then I did!

The amazing, super-easy, five minute galaxy. )

Even The Husband was impressed with this one and how much it really looked like miniature pictures of space. I'm generally pretty happy with most of the manicures I do, but this is one of those few manicures that feels like it really went a step above. I was reading a book I hated at the point in time that I did this manicure, and when the hate got to be too much, I'd stop and stare at my nails and let their awesomeness calm me down.

I can't wait to try this again, with different polishes.
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I've mentioned Rainbow Honey before. It and Cult Nails were probably the first indie companies I heard of, and I was really enamored with Rainbow Honey's Equestria Collection.

However, after careful consideration--of the polishes and my budgetary consideration--I realized that there were really only two of the Equestria collection that I felt I had to have: The Worst Possible Thing and 20% Cooler.

By the time I was ready to buy those, however, Rainbow Honey had come out with another collection, the Sakura Matsuri collection, and it had another must-have for me, Koi Pond. So I bought all three.

I swatched Koi Poind over Lime Crime's Pastelchio when I bought ti and it looked AMAZING, but I wanted to try it over something else, something that would be maybe reminiscent of, you know, a koi pond.

A Dive Bar and a Koi Pond. )


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