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Continuing my thought from last night... I've been kvetching about being restricted to one color all month (by my choice!), but it is true that having a limited palette and limited shades within that color has forced me to be more creative, in terms of coming up with this many manicures that are all the same color but still distinct from each other. I don't know if I'll ever do a project like this again, but it's been a wonderful stretch.

Pink Manicure 15. )

Pink Manicure 16. )

Pink Manicure 16.5. )

Pink Manicure 17. )

Pink Manicure 18. )

Pink Manicure 18.5. )

Pink Manicure 19. )

Pink Manicure 20. )

Pink Manicure 21. )

Lately, I'm also posting my pics to Twitter and Instagram. I'm poisontaster at both places, if you'd rather follow me either of those places.
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This is going to be a really image intensive post. There has been a LOT of nail painting going on.

Green With Envy, Street Siren, Sashay My Way, Something Sweet, Lincoln Park After Dark & Be Brave. )
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I keep wondering what I'm going to do when I've tried all my nail polishes and I don't have dozens of untried possibilities every day. But then I also think about when I'll be able to allow myself to wear my favorite, but tried, polishes again and that sounds like fun, too.

Today I tried one of Essie's new Mirror Metallic polishes, Penny Talk. It's a fast-drying, beautiful rosy-gold/copper that is fully opaque after just one coat. When I hold my hand up to the light, I could see streaks through the nails, so I put on a second coat, but from straight on, it looked completely opaque. It looks very gold in the pictures, but it's far more coppery in person; just red enough that it doesn't blend in with my yellow skin, but instead, contrasts nicely.

Look! )

So, basically, it's a GREAT occasion polish, something you're wearing for an evening out, but it sucks for every day wear, it seems.

After staring at my torn up tips for a little while, I sighed, took it all off and started over. This time, I hit the jackpot. Maybelline's Color Show in Denim Dash.

I haven't tried any of the Color Show polishes before, though their cute round bottles and their jewel tone colors have been catching my eye for a while now and, after seeing a review on Denim Dash, it's been on my Wish List.

I saw a bottle of it at CVS yesterday, but someone had obviously been tampering with it, as there was polish dotted on the outside of the bottle, but when I stopped in at Walgreens today looking for something else, I was pleased as punch to find it.

Denim Dash is exactly what it sounds like; it's a medium, denim-blue with silvery white flecks. Surprisingly, it dries semi-matte and, when dried, looks EXACTLY like denim on my finger tips! AMAZEBALLS!

It's another one-coat opaque polish, even denser than Penny Talk, but the formula is smooth and easy, goes across the nail like butter. It dries very quickly and, like denim, you can literally see it go from a darker to a lighter blue as it does. I don't know why, but I feel so tough with it on!

Denim Dash )

Maybelline is living proof that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for good quality nail polish. And, right now, if you go to CVS (and have a CVS card), you can get a $3 in-store coupon to spend on your next purchase!


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