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Victoriana (Butter) came in the same shipment as Dosh. I still think Butter is absurdly expensive, but they're really winning me around.

Like a queen. )

On this day, I knew I wanted to do another rainbow manicure like the one I did back in October, but I didn't want to duplicate the colors.

While musing what colors to use, I came up with the idea of doing the rainbow in neutral colors of black, white & gray.

I decided to go with a bold pink background: OPI Conquistadorable Color, from OPI's 2009 Espana collection.

Like something out of a science fiction movie. )

So this manicure did not photograph as well as I would like it to have...though, the photographs still look lovely, don't get me wrong. But the manicure was SO MUCH LOVELIER.

The flame. )

...and that takes us through December 6th.
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Another mixed bag of manicures. Seriously, this feels like some kind of archaeological reconstruction. I know these pictures represent from Nov 28 to Dec 3, but as they're copies from Carbonite, the metadata that told me what day these pictures were taken on no longer exists. They're all marked whatever day I redownloaded them from Carbonite. But THEN, I remember I can use my Instagram account as a calendar to tell me what day I posted which manicure.


Anyway. Along with Charla and Zuza, I also got Zoya Jem, a gorgeous duochrome that shifts purple, burgundy, brown, with hints of gold.

Truly Outrageous (bonus points if you catch that reference) )

Next, we have another Lilacquer Fifth Element polish: Zorg Industries.

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg. )

When Cult Nails came out with their Behind Closed Doors collection, Coveted was one of the polishes I was most looking forward to.

You might say I coveted it. Ha! )

I ended up wearing A England's Lady of Shallott because, just as I was about to do my nails, my husband asked me out to the movies and I didn't want to go out naked (yes, that's what we've come to *sighs*) but I didn't have time to do something fancy or that was going to take a long time to dry.

Milady. )

And then last, but not at all least, we reach my favorite manicure of this period. This one, I liked so much, I actually gave it a name:

Last Ember on a Cold Night. )
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In the interests of playing catch-up, a few different manicures.

1. Winter Wonderland

As in my previous post, I did a certain amount of experimenting with manicures that look WINTRY without looking like they're specifically holiday related. I saw a manicure similar to this one somewhere on the internet (sadly, I no longer remember where, and I don't think I saved it to pinterest) and decided to work up my own version.

She Blinded Me With Science. )

2. Being Disciplined.

I have really fallen head over heels for gray polishes this year. They're such cool, interesting neutrals, easy to dress up or dress down, warm up or cool down, and they generally look great against my skin tone.

Cult Nails Disciplined is no exception.

I keep thinking of this as 'Afternoon Delight'. Heh. )

And then finally:

3. Zuza.

After I took off the Disicplined Charla combo, I was feeling very impatient, but I still wanted to give my new Zoyas a try, so I picked up Zuza.

I just like the way it sounds: ZOO-ZA. )
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I wanted to try out Pretty& Polished Rat-a-tat, a glitter polish with very fine turquoise bar glitter, turquoise and black micro-glitter, and turquoise and black hexes in various sizes. I didn't want to put on as much as I'd need to for it to be opaque, that meant I needed undies. I tried out a few different combinations before I settled on Lilacquer Super Green.

So tomorrow from 5 to 7 you're gonna give yourself a hand, green? Super green. )
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Disclaimer: For reasons I don't quite understand, I find myself really opposed to manicures that seem too Christmassy to me. I don't even know what it is. But, though I think this manicure is fairly lovely, it's just too much like a Christmas ornament.

Read more... )

Top Coat Update: I found NYC's Grand Central Station at my most recent visit to Target. It's their quick dry top coat and, at less than $2, definitely worth trying out. It's a little strong smelling, but it does dry and cure VERY quickly and gives reasonable shine with no noticeable shrinkage. The odor is less annoying to me than China Glaze and, for the price, I am VERY impressed with it. If you're looking for a good, cheap, quick dry, this would be my recommendation.

I have to say: I was not super impressed with the one NYC color polish I bought (super sheer, super watery) but I have been VERY pleased with both top coats I've purchased. High quality results for incredibly low price.
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I was really excited to get Contrary Polish Purple Smoke. It's a polish I'd seen on a number of different blogs, and all the screenshots made it look just gorgeous, a dark, smoky gray with beautiful shimmers of blue and purple.

You can see them here on Manicurator's blog. I've said before: I'm a sucker for a good gray polish.

Unfortunately, Purple Smoke didn't quite live up to the hype.

Smoke & Mirrors. )
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Short post today.

This is a vendor I don't have a lot of experience with. I just recently heard of her brand, Lilacquer, and was immediately attracted because she has a collection based on The Fifth Element, which is one of my cult faves.

Sadly, by the time I checked out her Etsy store (here), the majority of the collection was long gone, but she's looking to liquidate what's left of her inventory so the few colors she has left are on sale for $5 each, for full 0.5ml bottles.

I decided to get Roo-Bee Rhod and Super Green from her Fifth Element collection (I though the peach Leeloo Multipass would look ghastly on my skin) and Quantum Entanglement and Gluon Nails from her Science! collection.

O.K. There's a ball of fire, it's 1200 miles in diameter headin straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. THAT's the problem. )

ETA 11/05/12: A further note about Lilacquer & Cathleen, its owner: My bottle of Roo-Bee Rhod came without a label. Being the anal retentive twit that I am, I contacted Cathleen to find out if she would be willing to mail me a label for my bottle. I also wanted to find out if she ever planned to rerelease any of the other Fifth Element polishes. She replied within a day to let me know that OF COURSE she'd mail me a label, extend her profuse apologies for sending it without one, and letting me know that she did plan on rereleasing some--the more popular--of her Fifth Element polishes.

On the one hand, this sounds like nothing. On the other hand, with Customer Service as it is these days, I really appreciate that she reached out to me so promptly, that she was so accommodating, and that she was so receptive and kind to my message. It's exactly that kind of thing that will make me a devoted and loyal customer in the long term.


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