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Victoriana (Butter) came in the same shipment as Dosh. I still think Butter is absurdly expensive, but they're really winning me around.

Like a queen. )

On this day, I knew I wanted to do another rainbow manicure like the one I did back in October, but I didn't want to duplicate the colors.

While musing what colors to use, I came up with the idea of doing the rainbow in neutral colors of black, white & gray.

I decided to go with a bold pink background: OPI Conquistadorable Color, from OPI's 2009 Espana collection.

Like something out of a science fiction movie. )

So this manicure did not photograph as well as I would like it to have...though, the photographs still look lovely, don't get me wrong. But the manicure was SO MUCH LOVELIER.

The flame. )

...and that takes us through December 6th.
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In the interests of playing catch-up, a few different manicures.

1. Winter Wonderland

As in my previous post, I did a certain amount of experimenting with manicures that look WINTRY without looking like they're specifically holiday related. I saw a manicure similar to this one somewhere on the internet (sadly, I no longer remember where, and I don't think I saved it to pinterest) and decided to work up my own version.

She Blinded Me With Science. )

2. Being Disciplined.

I have really fallen head over heels for gray polishes this year. They're such cool, interesting neutrals, easy to dress up or dress down, warm up or cool down, and they generally look great against my skin tone.

Cult Nails Disciplined is no exception.

I keep thinking of this as 'Afternoon Delight'. Heh. )

And then finally:

3. Zuza.

After I took off the Disicplined Charla combo, I was feeling very impatient, but I still wanted to give my new Zoyas a try, so I picked up Zuza.

I just like the way it sounds: ZOO-ZA. )
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though I don't honestly expect that I'm going to raise anyone's awareness, I decided I wanted to try and do a month's worth of pink manicures. I don't know if I'll succeed, but just the action of doing it has given me a sense of comfort and solidarity.

Six Days of Pink. )

I feel like this project is being good for me in a few different ways. I do have a feeling of connectedness, of being part of something larger that I don't think I've ever had, in relation to cancer. I spent a lot of my cancer time defining and having illuminated all the ways I was RADICALLY DIFFERENT from everyone else, both in how I dealt with my cancer and in how the various medications and side effects affected me. So this is a new thing and it's a...IDK. A reminder that this is something that has affected me, at a very personal level. And then, at the other end, it's something very life-affirming and creative, to bring beauty out of something that has otherwise affected me so negatively. It's a mental exercise to work with a single color (albeit in many shades) and come up with something different each time. Like I said above, I don't know if I can realistically come up with 31 different pink manicures. But I will enjoy the hell out of trying.

"I was very against pink and purple when I was young, because they were girls' colors. But that was only because I didn't want people to write me off for what I can do. When I got into my 20s, I decided that was stupid. " ~Danica Patrick
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So, I couldn't stop thinking about that ruined look that I never got to photograph, with the Suzi Says Feng Shui and the Chunky Black Holo over it. Not just because I hadn't gotten the all-important picture; I'd also just really liked the look of the manicure and I hadn't gotten to do anything with it or go anywhere. So I decided to recreate it today.

Given that Suzi Says Feng Shui was a rather fiddly color to work with and I have a bunch of blues that I haven't tried yet, I decided to go with a different blue base: OPI's Unfor-greta-bly Blue, which is part of their new (just in stores now) Germany Collection.

Unfor-greta-bly Blue & Black Chunky Holo. )
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There are a lot of pictures today, mainly because today was a day I couldn't get anything right. Also: today was a pretty terrible day, which didn't help one bit.

Suzi Says Feng Shui, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Can't Be Tamed, Matte About You, Bossy Boots, Frostbite, Spazmatic. )
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Sunday, I ended up chipping Want My Bawdy badly, so I took it off and painted my nails Jazz Olive, by Kleancolor. It shows very gold in the pictures, but it's actually a green-gold, somewhat similar to the infamous Chanel Peridot, OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard, etc.

It's a lovely color, it paints on smoothly, builds nicely, dries quickly. It's very sheer in the first coat, but was nicely opaque by the second and completely opaque by the third. Like many metallics, it's a little fiddly/streaky, but not nearly as bad as the polishes from Saturday. One thing that is different from Peridot dupes is that it's grainier in appearance, though it's only really noticeable from close up.

Two shots, Jazz Olive. )

I bought some new colors over the weekend and I couldn't wait to try them out, so, although Jazz Olive was still in great shape, I took it off to try something new. I couldn't decide, so I decided to do another alternating color manicure. Two colors instead of three and I alternated across both hands (see pictures).

The purple is China Glaze's Reggae to Riches, a magenta/purple shimmer polish in the same family as Nicole's I Have a Plumb Thumb (and with similar sheerness), but Reggae leans more lavender and Plumb leans more wine colored. The blue is Essie's Go Overboard. It's much darker on the nail than it looks in the bottle, which is slightly disappointing, but I still like the color as it came out.

Queen of Dark Hearts. )


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