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Another mixed bag of manicures. Seriously, this feels like some kind of archaeological reconstruction. I know these pictures represent from Nov 28 to Dec 3, but as they're copies from Carbonite, the metadata that told me what day these pictures were taken on no longer exists. They're all marked whatever day I redownloaded them from Carbonite. But THEN, I remember I can use my Instagram account as a calendar to tell me what day I posted which manicure.


Anyway. Along with Charla and Zuza, I also got Zoya Jem, a gorgeous duochrome that shifts purple, burgundy, brown, with hints of gold.

Truly Outrageous (bonus points if you catch that reference) )

Next, we have another Lilacquer Fifth Element polish: Zorg Industries.

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg. )

When Cult Nails came out with their Behind Closed Doors collection, Coveted was one of the polishes I was most looking forward to.

You might say I coveted it. Ha! )

I ended up wearing A England's Lady of Shallott because, just as I was about to do my nails, my husband asked me out to the movies and I didn't want to go out naked (yes, that's what we've come to *sighs*) but I didn't have time to do something fancy or that was going to take a long time to dry.

Milady. )

And then last, but not at all least, we reach my favorite manicure of this period. This one, I liked so much, I actually gave it a name:

Last Ember on a Cold Night. )
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In the interests of playing catch-up, a few different manicures.

1. Winter Wonderland

As in my previous post, I did a certain amount of experimenting with manicures that look WINTRY without looking like they're specifically holiday related. I saw a manicure similar to this one somewhere on the internet (sadly, I no longer remember where, and I don't think I saved it to pinterest) and decided to work up my own version.

She Blinded Me With Science. )

2. Being Disciplined.

I have really fallen head over heels for gray polishes this year. They're such cool, interesting neutrals, easy to dress up or dress down, warm up or cool down, and they generally look great against my skin tone.

Cult Nails Disciplined is no exception.

I keep thinking of this as 'Afternoon Delight'. Heh. )

And then finally:

3. Zuza.

After I took off the Disicplined Charla combo, I was feeling very impatient, but I still wanted to give my new Zoyas a try, so I picked up Zuza.

I just like the way it sounds: ZOO-ZA. )
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Man, what a mess. So I got all my pictures back pretty painlessly, but the way my back up service saves them, I ended up with doubles of some pictures and I still haven't unraveled everything. But with the help of my posts on Instagram, I think I've figured out where I left off.

These are all colors you've seen before. I think I mentioned it before, but I have an inexplicable abhorrence about wearing anything that's too Christmassy (IDEK), and it's the time of year where almost everything looks holiday-ish, so I decided to go in the opposite direction: summery pastels.

Lime Crime's Les Desserts d'Antoinette collection was perfect for the job.

Time for Dessert! )

Bonus Manicure: This is Flushed, from the Cult Nails Behind Closed Door Collection:

Flushed )
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Cult Nails just came out with a new collection, called Behind Closed Doors. The swatches of the collection looked really gorgeous--and very timely for fall!--and the release (and the early release price!) happened to coincide with that brief period of time every month where I happen to have some disposable cash.

So. You know what happened. Yeah.

Anyway. I didn't photograph the entire collection and I didn't swatch (too impatient) but you can see swatches here, or just google it yourself.

I went straight to the application. I chose Afterglow )
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Disclaimer: For reasons I don't quite understand, I find myself really opposed to manicures that seem too Christmassy to me. I don't even know what it is. But, though I think this manicure is fairly lovely, it's just too much like a Christmas ornament.

Read more... )

Top Coat Update: I found NYC's Grand Central Station at my most recent visit to Target. It's their quick dry top coat and, at less than $2, definitely worth trying out. It's a little strong smelling, but it does dry and cure VERY quickly and gives reasonable shine with no noticeable shrinkage. The odor is less annoying to me than China Glaze and, for the price, I am VERY impressed with it. If you're looking for a good, cheap, quick dry, this would be my recommendation.

I have to say: I was not super impressed with the one NYC color polish I bought (super sheer, super watery) but I have been VERY pleased with both top coats I've purchased. High quality results for incredibly low price.
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I have a couple different polishes to talk about today.

I started out today with Cult Nails Spontaneous. Spontaneous is part of a 5 polish collection called Coco's Untamed Collection. I bought all 5 polishes of the collection because I really loved the screenshotts I'd seen on a few different bloggers' pages.

Spontaneous is my least favorite of the collection. I mention this, because I have nothing but GREAT THINGS to say about the rest of the collection, so when I say bad things about Spontaneous, you shouldn't take it as a sign that Cult Nails is a bad brand. I just don't like this particular polish.

Spontaneous dislike. )

I apparently was still stuck on purple as the color of the day, though, because I chose KBShimmer No Whine Left as my back up plan.

KBShimmer is a smaller operation than Cult Nails, but it seems to be a fairly popular one and growing. She can be found through her site here: KBShimmer, on Etsy here or at the clearing house sites, or

On her main site or Etsy store, she also sells soaps, bath bombs, lip balms, lotions and butters, etc. I have not tried any of these products (yet!) but I would very much like to, they look delicious! It also seems slightly less expensive to buy through her personal site than through Llarowe or Harlow & Co., though if you're looking to purchase internationally, Harlowe & Co. is the place you need to go.


A little Whine with my cheese... )
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I had an inspiration picture for this one, but the manicure I made ended up looking almost NOTHING LIKE the inspiration picture, except that they both involve circles.

This is the picture I started with.

Now let's look at what I did:

We go in circles. )
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though I don't honestly expect that I'm going to raise anyone's awareness, I decided I wanted to try and do a month's worth of pink manicures. I don't know if I'll succeed, but just the action of doing it has given me a sense of comfort and solidarity.

Six Days of Pink. )

I feel like this project is being good for me in a few different ways. I do have a feeling of connectedness, of being part of something larger that I don't think I've ever had, in relation to cancer. I spent a lot of my cancer time defining and having illuminated all the ways I was RADICALLY DIFFERENT from everyone else, both in how I dealt with my cancer and in how the various medications and side effects affected me. So this is a new thing and it's a...IDK. A reminder that this is something that has affected me, at a very personal level. And then, at the other end, it's something very life-affirming and creative, to bring beauty out of something that has otherwise affected me so negatively. It's a mental exercise to work with a single color (albeit in many shades) and come up with something different each time. Like I said above, I don't know if I can realistically come up with 31 different pink manicures. But I will enjoy the hell out of trying.

"I was very against pink and purple when I was young, because they were girls' colors. But that was only because I didn't want people to write me off for what I can do. When I got into my 20s, I decided that was stupid. " ~Danica Patrick
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I tried out Butter's Snog. It's a dark raspberry pink creme. I liked it fine. Like Slapper, it has a nice, smooth formulation, it's color true from bottle to nail, it dries pretty quickly and to a nice hard shine.

Snog. )

I was going to be wearing a red dress, so I decided to go with Cult Nail's Annalicious, a beautiful bright red with a lot of intense gold shimmer. The shimmer doesn't show up as well in the picture, but trust me it's there:

Annalicious. )

After failing with Orly's It's a Meteor layered over Germanicure, I wanted to give it another chance to shine and I thought it might go better against a brighter color, so I layered it over the Annalicious:

Iron Man. )

At lunch with the ladies, [ profile] beanside & [ profile] nilchance surprised me with one of the colors off my wish list, Sinful's Cinderella.

Cinderella, Cinderella, night and day, it's Cinderella... )

Unfortunately, we had crab legs for dinner, and cracking open the carpace was not so great for my manicure, so it only lasted a couple hours. Lesson learned.

When we got back home, I decided to try out a new polish I'd scored with the gals, Essie's Trophy Wife:

Trophy Wife. )


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