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Yesterday, I was thinking about the contradictions of nail polish enthusiasm. On the one hand, it's a collector's biz. Limited edition colors, seasonal collections, new finishes and effects. There's always something new to acquire, something coveted, something rare. There's a real sense of triumphant pleasure at acquiring that polish/color you've spent days or weeks or months trying to find.

At the same time, nail polish is a perishable commodity. It's not enough to just have a polish; the pleasure is in using it. And even if you don't use it, it's life is limited. Polishes thicken and separate, become useless and inert.

So the constant desire to acquire is balanced by the knowledge that ownership is a limited window.

I was thinking about this because I'm starting to branch out into nail art and, by and large, it involves pouring polish from the bottle to give you a pool to work from and...I'm struggling with that. There's a wastefulness implied that doesn't appeal to me and I'm having a hard time contemplating using up some of my favorite polishes doing it. It's inevitable: I need to either use the polishes or let them go to waste through entropy and I'd definitely prefer to use them and get some pleasure from them than let them dry up, unused. But it's a struggle.

Anyway. This is a roundabout way of saying that I tried my first sponge gradient manicure today. And my second. :)

Fun with sponges! )

Sadly, shortly after finishing all this up, I was felled by a hellacious migraine and spent the rest of the day sleeping, which meant the only person who got to appreciate my pretty nails is me (the husband saw them but, let's face it, he doesn't appreciate).
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Here, have a post about Olympians' nail art.

I grew up in that transitional period of time where we were starting to discard the notion that the only 'true' or 'right' nail colors were red and pinks, but it was still early enough that other colors were regarded as weird and/or childish and could/would/did affect you getting a job or how you were perceived at that job.

And, even as I wanted to embrace color and other colors than those ubiquitous reds and pinks (not that I don't love reds and pinks, too, mind) even when I tried, it felt weird or conspicuous in a way I didn't enjoy, especially as a lot of the social feedback about it was so negative. (I also throw my mom in there, because she did grow up in a time when it was red or pink or nothing, and she had definite feelings about other colors)

So, having gotten over my inhibitions at this date about "crazy" colors--and sitting on my couch now with my bright green nails--there's something tremendous and awesome to me about seeing how creative nail expression--both in color and design--has become something that is ALSO adult and acceptable and even admired. I love looking at people's nails and the creativity that goes into it and being reminded over and over again that there really are no rules. You can have all your nails the same, or they can all be different or they can be somewhere in between. You can have a repeating pattern or a repeating color...but you don't have to. Your nails can express anything and do it in pretty much any way you want and there's no ratchet-faced deportment master standing at your elbow with a switch to whack you one for getting it wrong.

There's a very obvious metaphor here, about the Olympians being forced into a single, unified uniform, and how they took the mediums they did have control of, in particular their nails, and called out their individuality anyway.

I love that. I think that's great.


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