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After a period of uncharacteristic indecisiveness, I asked for advice about what color I should wear yesterday, and my friend suggested Jade Diamond Supernova.

Supernova. )
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This is a manicure I didn't really appreciate until after the fact. I blame it on the fact that I was kind of unhappy with the base polish, A England's Tess D'urbervilles.

For the record, I do like A England as a brand. I adore Dragon and St. George, in particular, and I recently acquired a couple more that I haven't tried yet. But for me, the Gothic Beauties collection (Jane Eyre, Lady of Shallott and now, Tess D'Urbervilles) is rather disappointing.

Well, look: )

I buy my A England polishes through Llarowe, but if you're in the UK, you can buy from them direct: here. At Llarowe, they retail for about $10 each.
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When I took off Nucleus, I decided to give another of the Chameleon polishes, Fandango, a try. Fandango is a blue/teal/green polish that mainly leans green. Sadly, it has the exact same problems as Nucleus: very sheer (which requires 4 coats to get fully opaque), prone to bubble, and slow to dry.

Unfortunately, I spaced on getting pictures of Fandango by itself, but the bubbling annoyed me sufficiently that I decided to cover it up and hide it behind an extreme dotticure (dotted manicure).

21 Color Salute! )
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Victoriana (Butter) came in the same shipment as Dosh. I still think Butter is absurdly expensive, but they're really winning me around.

Like a queen. )

On this day, I knew I wanted to do another rainbow manicure like the one I did back in October, but I didn't want to duplicate the colors.

While musing what colors to use, I came up with the idea of doing the rainbow in neutral colors of black, white & gray.

I decided to go with a bold pink background: OPI Conquistadorable Color, from OPI's 2009 Espana collection.

Like something out of a science fiction movie. )

So this manicure did not photograph as well as I would like it to have...though, the photographs still look lovely, don't get me wrong. But the manicure was SO MUCH LOVELIER.

The flame. )

...and that takes us through December 6th.
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Cult Nails just came out with a new collection, called Behind Closed Doors. The swatches of the collection looked really gorgeous--and very timely for fall!--and the release (and the early release price!) happened to coincide with that brief period of time every month where I happen to have some disposable cash.

So. You know what happened. Yeah.

Anyway. I didn't photograph the entire collection and I didn't swatch (too impatient) but you can see swatches here, or just google it yourself.

I went straight to the application. I chose Afterglow )
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After a couple days of dark manicures, I knew I wanted something bright and bold on my nails today. I didn't really have a plan, I was just winging it.

I started with Lime Crime Pastelchio. Lime Crime is one of the larger indies ( They primarily sell cosmetics; from what I understand, this is their first collection of nail polish, Les Desserts d'Antoinette, but I'm very impressed with them so far.

The collection description: "7 pastel shades, inspired by confectionary delights from Marie Antoinette's table. Recklessly pigmented crème formula is rich, smooth and opaque in just two coats. Each bottle comes equipped with a flat, wide brush for superb control and flawless application. Never tested on animals. 3-Free."

Read more... )

I really do recommend the Lime Crime polishes in their entirety. The colors are lovely and bright, the formula is excellent (they're all 2 coat polishes, and not a dud in the collection).
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This manicure is a riff off one that I have since lost the link to. It's not the manicure I started out to do, but my first manicure was just bogged down in disaster (kept snagging my wet nails, polish taking forever to dry, etc) and I got impatient and gave up on it. So this was plan B.

I envision my cells... )

Though we're in an area affected by Sandy's landfall, so far we're doing okay. It's rainy and windy and there's flooding in areas nowhere near our apartment, but we're holding tight. Just pray The Husband and I don't kill each other, being trapped in one not-very-big apartment. He gets cranky when he's not allowed to go to work. :/
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I had an inspiration picture for this one, but the manicure I made ended up looking almost NOTHING LIKE the inspiration picture, except that they both involve circles.

This is the picture I started with.

Now let's look at what I did:

We go in circles. )
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I've been looking for ways to incorporate other colors in my manicures and yet keep them primarily pink. This is a riff on a manicure that I saw on Pinterest (here) the day before. It had all the things I look for in a manicure: great effect, but easy to execute.

Blue skies & rainbows. ) It's beautiful and perfect. What more could I ask for?
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This manicure suffers simply from the fact that it came after a manicure that I REALLY REALLY loved. That is, I really like it, it's pretty, it looks pretty much how I wanted...but after that stunning pink & white cherry blossom dot manicure, it isn't nearly as impressive.

Pink Manicure 22. )

I am sure I would've been a lot more enamored of this manicure, like I said, if it hadn't come right after a manicure I was SO IN LOVE with.

I also switched top coats on this day, from the China Glaze Fast Forward to Poshe, which is another brand that seems to be pretty popular with the nail bloggers I follow.

A further note about the China Glaze Fast Forward: I noticed with Out the Door that, after a week of solid usage, the bottle still barely looked touched. That is, a week of use barely seemed to touch the amount of top coat in the bottle. In contrast, after a week of use, the Fast Forward bottle is half empty.

When I used Poshe yesterday (and today), I noticed further that one brief dip of the brush seems to give me WAY more top coat than I need for a single nail and I suspect that the Poshe bottle, like Out the Door is going to be pretty full when I'm done with its week. So Fast Forward tumbles another notch in my estimation.

Going back to Poshe, it seems to dry as quickly as Seche Vite and Out the Door (more quickly than Fast Forward), cures pretty quickly and gives reasonable shine (though not the glassy shine of Seche Vite). I haven't had any shrinkage problems with Out The Door, Fast Forward or Poshe, so far.

When this top coat experiment is over, I may try using one of the non-shrinking top coats to seal the nail polish and then try putting on a thin coat of Seche Vite to up the shine. *muses*
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Continuing my thought from last night... I've been kvetching about being restricted to one color all month (by my choice!), but it is true that having a limited palette and limited shades within that color has forced me to be more creative, in terms of coming up with this many manicures that are all the same color but still distinct from each other. I don't know if I'll ever do a project like this again, but it's been a wonderful stretch.

Pink Manicure 15. )

Pink Manicure 16. )

Pink Manicure 16.5. )

Pink Manicure 17. )

Pink Manicure 18. )

Pink Manicure 18.5. )

Pink Manicure 19. )

Pink Manicure 20. )

Pink Manicure 21. )

Lately, I'm also posting my pics to Twitter and Instagram. I'm poisontaster at both places, if you'd rather follow me either of those places.
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It becomes something of a Catch-22. Each manicure is between 2-5 pictures...but if I miss a day of posting, that starts to add up. And I get lazy.

Right now, I have a backlog of around 40 pictures. I'm not going to subject you to all of them in one post, but I gotta get started, because the backlog ain't getting no smaller!

Pink Manicure 10. )

I was so tired I don't even remember what color I used for the dark pink. But I smudged Pure Ice's Cheatin' glitter across the tip and graded it up the nail. Cheatin' is beautiful in the bottle, intense purple and blue microglitter in a clear base, but it was difficult to work with and I feel like it just looked dirty on the nail. The shine didn't really transfer. I'll try it with something else, see if I like it better, but this manicure just didn't do it for me. It was what it was: a place filler.

Pink Manicure 11. )

Pink Manicure 11.5. )

Pink Manicure 12. )

Pink Manicure 12.5. )

Pink Manicure 13. )

Pink Manicure 14. )

I know that I went for the short version of all these manicuresand I keep using the same colors over and over, so I do't know how much to say about each of them.

Somewhere in here, I switched from using Out The Door top coat to the next one I'm trying out, China Glaze's Fast Forward. I'm not especially fond of this one. Firstly, it has a strong odor that I don't like, rather like artifical grape & wet stone combined. Secondly, I don't feel like it dries or cures as fast as Seche Vite or Out The Door. I've had so many more nail flubs in the past week than I'm used to because my nails weren't as dry as I thought they'd be. I don't think it adds much shine, either. Which is not a deal breaker, but is certainly not a benefit. Thickness wise, it's not as thick as Seche Vite, but comparably thick to Out the Door.

And a final note about dots/dotting: on the one hand, I tend to be impatient, so I'm sure I'm putting on my top coat before the dots are fully dry. On the other hand, it would seem that some top coats just have a tendency to smear when you use them, regardless of how long you wait. *shrugs*

I'll try to get up manicures 15-21 tomorrow. Man, I am going to be SO OVER pink when this is all done. But it's been fun and interesting at the same time.
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I really like doing my nails in two different colors. I don't know what it is, exactly. This manicure started as another attempt to do that Phases of the Moon manicure that I did in beige & black, but in shades of pink, instead. I didn't like how it turned out this time, either, so I decided to just alternate colors and do a half & half on my middle finger:

Uneven Phases )

conversely, I ADORED this next manicure.

I'd been messing around with incorporating black into the palette, while still keeping the pink front and center. I'd been thinking of it in terms of people we've lost to breast cancer, but in a moment of inspiration, I thought it could also refer, just as easily, to the darkness that surrounds you when you go through a cancer experience, even as a bystander. So I decided to do another riff on the Cloudy Day manicure I did on my Chicago trip. And it came out great!

Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul. )

Looking for inspiration, I'd googled "pink manicures" just to see what came up and I found this ombre manicure. The blogger had used stamping, but it would be just as easy to do actual dotting.

A Little Dotty. )

I decided to give each of the top coats I bought a week-long try out. I used INM Out the Door for this manicure. It's got approximately the same wet-to-surface dry time as Seche Vite, but it's a much thinner polish, meaning it doesn't feel as seamlessly smooth to the touch (I can still feel the bumps of the dots through it) and it doesn't dry as glassy-shiny. Still, I've been wearing this manicure since this morning, and there's no noticeable shrinkage at all. I definitely want to try it with a vegetarian polish like Zoya before I pronounce it my new favorite, but it's definitely impressed me so far.
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So, after vowing that I was going to wear that Loki manicure into the dirt, it started chipping within a day. *sighs* O, Loki, I only want to love you.

Without any serious intentions of what I wanted to play with next, I decided to try out a newer polish I'd scored over the weekend, I Don't Give a Rotterdam, part of the 2012 Holland collection by OPI.

Ka-Pow! )

Today, I already noticed some shrinkage--one thing I've read and noted first hand about Seche Vite top coat is that it encourages shrinkage in a lot of polishes--and I was ready to keep experimenting.

However, today was a busy day and I didn't have a lot of time to devote to my nails, so I scrapped my initial, more complicated ideas for the day and decided to try out Orly's Mysterious Curse:

Curses, dots and dings. )


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