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So, I've mentioned before: I don't really use base coat. I don't have great reasons for not using it, I just don't, most of the time, unless I think (or know) a polish is prone to stain.

Just recently, I placed an order for some polishes by KBShimmer. They arrived yesterday and in with the polish, she'd put a little instructional note, reminding you that glitters tend to settle, and so it's a good idea to give any glittery polish a good shake before using; a brief tutorial on the foil method of polish removal. And, she mentioned, it's a good idea to use base coat with glitter polishes, to give that first coat something to grab onto.


I had noticed before that some polishes--and yes, especially glitter polishes--have a hard time grabbing onto the nail surface on that first coat, making it sheer, uneven and messy even though, in the second coat (when it's got something to grab onto) it's just fine. I truly and sincerely do not know why it never occurred to me to use base coat to give that first coat something to grab. It's like paper clips: SO OBVIOUS IN RETROSPECT. But yeah. That never occurred to me.

And, imo, it made all the difference today, when I put on KBShimmer Get Clover It:

Never getting over THIS! )

Obviously, as part of a spring collection, this is a perfect polish for St. Patrick's Day and the name points toward that, but--maybe with the zeitgeist of all the Wizard of Oz related things happening right now--I also found myself thinking of The Emerald City while looking at this polish and, though I'll probably be pulling it out for St. Patrick's Day, I think it's a great polish for any time of year, gorgeous and vivid and interesting to look at.
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Tryst Lacquers is a Canadian indie. I forget just now how she came to my attention; it was probably either Facebook or Instagram...but despite the prettiness of her offerings, I was thrown off by the shipping costs from here to the U.S.

But such gorgeous swatches kept showing up on my time line; eventually my resistance wore down and I decided to give her a try. I purchased one full size polish and three minis (one of which I haven't tried yet, so no pics of that one).

In general, I found the formula of her polishes to be really easy to work with, even though they're pretty glitter intensive. I didn't have to dab or finesse any of these, the glitter all laid pretty flat, they weren't especially top coat hungry. The downsides were leveling: they didn't self-level especially well, so you have to make sure you're laying it down evenly yourself; and the smell.

Tryst Lacquers have a very strong, chemical smell; stronger than most nail polishes I'm used to, definitely stronger than Kleancolor polishes. In terms of migraine factor, it wasn't nearly as bad as Lurudana's perfumed polish and it didn't linger nearly as long, but I did feel slightly headachy while painting my nails (while the bottle was open).

It's difficult, because the polishes are exceptionally gorgeous...but I suspect the smell is what's keeping me from really wanting to try out the fourth polish I bought. *shrugs*

Anyway. The pics.

A Trio of Trysts. )

Really, my only serious problem with any of these polishes was the smell and, for that reason, I don't know if I'd buy another Tryst Lacquers polish. I'd definitely recommend them to people who have a less sensitive sense of smell than I do, though.
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The back log of pictures has gotten too scary, so I'm going to just going to post what I wore today and see how things go from there, k?

(BTW, if all you want is pictures, you're welcome to follow me on Instagram or Twitter; I'm "poisontaster" on both)


I've really fallen hard into indie polishes lately. So many really unique, gorgeous polishes to play with! Right now, I'm really in love with Hare Polish (link goes to Llarowe). This is A Positive:

Accentuate the positive is easy with this polish... )

Breakdown: I have 5 Hare Polishes so far (with another 4 on the way, eep!). Of those 5, I've tried four of them:

A Hare retrospective. )

I'm waiting for Why So Igneous?, Medusa Luminosa, Amethystos, and Bury the Hatchetfish. I've got at least a half dozen more on my wish list. Hare Polish retails for around $11 each.
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I wanted to try out Pretty& Polished Rat-a-tat, a glitter polish with very fine turquoise bar glitter, turquoise and black micro-glitter, and turquoise and black hexes in various sizes. I didn't want to put on as much as I'd need to for it to be opaque, that meant I needed undies. I tried out a few different combinations before I settled on Lilacquer Super Green.

So tomorrow from 5 to 7 you're gonna give yourself a hand, green? Super green. )
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I've mentioned Rainbow Honey before. It and Cult Nails were probably the first indie companies I heard of, and I was really enamored with Rainbow Honey's Equestria Collection.

However, after careful consideration--of the polishes and my budgetary consideration--I realized that there were really only two of the Equestria collection that I felt I had to have: The Worst Possible Thing and 20% Cooler.

By the time I was ready to buy those, however, Rainbow Honey had come out with another collection, the Sakura Matsuri collection, and it had another must-have for me, Koi Pond. So I bought all three.

I swatched Koi Poind over Lime Crime's Pastelchio when I bought ti and it looked AMAZING, but I wanted to try it over something else, something that would be maybe reminiscent of, you know, a koi pond.

A Dive Bar and a Koi Pond. )
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Short post today.

This is a vendor I don't have a lot of experience with. I just recently heard of her brand, Lilacquer, and was immediately attracted because she has a collection based on The Fifth Element, which is one of my cult faves.

Sadly, by the time I checked out her Etsy store (here), the majority of the collection was long gone, but she's looking to liquidate what's left of her inventory so the few colors she has left are on sale for $5 each, for full 0.5ml bottles.

I decided to get Roo-Bee Rhod and Super Green from her Fifth Element collection (I though the peach Leeloo Multipass would look ghastly on my skin) and Quantum Entanglement and Gluon Nails from her Science! collection.

O.K. There's a ball of fire, it's 1200 miles in diameter headin straight for Earth, and we have no idea how to stop it. THAT's the problem. )

ETA 11/05/12: A further note about Lilacquer & Cathleen, its owner: My bottle of Roo-Bee Rhod came without a label. Being the anal retentive twit that I am, I contacted Cathleen to find out if she would be willing to mail me a label for my bottle. I also wanted to find out if she ever planned to rerelease any of the other Fifth Element polishes. She replied within a day to let me know that OF COURSE she'd mail me a label, extend her profuse apologies for sending it without one, and letting me know that she did plan on rereleasing some--the more popular--of her Fifth Element polishes.

On the one hand, this sounds like nothing. On the other hand, with Customer Service as it is these days, I really appreciate that she reached out to me so promptly, that she was so accommodating, and that she was so receptive and kind to my message. It's exactly that kind of thing that will make me a devoted and loyal customer in the long term.
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After a couple days of dark manicures, I knew I wanted something bright and bold on my nails today. I didn't really have a plan, I was just winging it.

I started with Lime Crime Pastelchio. Lime Crime is one of the larger indies ( They primarily sell cosmetics; from what I understand, this is their first collection of nail polish, Les Desserts d'Antoinette, but I'm very impressed with them so far.

The collection description: "7 pastel shades, inspired by confectionary delights from Marie Antoinette's table. Recklessly pigmented crème formula is rich, smooth and opaque in just two coats. Each bottle comes equipped with a flat, wide brush for superb control and flawless application. Never tested on animals. 3-Free."

Read more... )

I really do recommend the Lime Crime polishes in their entirety. The colors are lovely and bright, the formula is excellent (they're all 2 coat polishes, and not a dud in the collection).
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This post contains larger images than usual.

My plan was to give myself a day off. To just enjoy my adorable pink and black hearts and enjoy that there was no pressing need for me to do anything in particular with my nails.


I got some new polishes in the mail and that was the end of that.

I'd been thinking about doing another project through the month of November. Less structured, hopefully less pressure, but I wanted to specifically explore the indie polish brands, and the arrival of the new polishes was too much temptation to resist.

I'm going to use a rather loose interpretation of indie, since some of the polishes I want to feature are from people working out of their houses, part-time and some of them are larger, more regimented operations. And some are imports, where I'm probably not sure of the provenance of their company. So, mainly, I'm going to focus on brands that you can't just walk into Sally's or Sephora or Ulta (Ul-ta? Only 3 people are going to get that joke) and buy.

But that's my loose plan for November.

Read more... )


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