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Ugh. You've heard me talk about this before but yellow polishes are THE MOST DIFFICULT polishes. So finicky and streaky! But so lovely, when you finally get them to even out!

I ended up chipping Demeter, so I started last night, swatching 5 of the 10 yellow polishes I own.

So here we have Sally Hansen HD Hue on the thumb, Julep Blake on the index finger, Lime Crime Crema De Limon on the middle, NYC Lexington Yellow on my ring finger and Orly Melodious Utopia on my pinkie.

As you can see, Julep Blake and Lime Crime Crema De Limon are basically dupes of each other, though the formula on Lime Crime's polish, imo, is MASSIVELY SUPERIOR to Julep's. Hue is more of a metallic/frost polish; Lexington Yellow is more mustard than the others and, though you can't tell it from this picture, Melodious Utopia is a pale yellow cream shot through with pinky/orange shimmer.

(Not pictured, I immediately eliminated Julep Alma, because it's more ochre than true yellow, Different Dimenson Totally because it's more acid green, Kleancolor Metallic Yellow & Zoya Piaf because they're both more metallic than I wanted and Sinful Unicorn got eliminated simply because I forgot about it. But it is also a near-dupe for Julep Blake & Lime Crime Crema De Limon)

I tried Orly Melodious Shimmer, because it truly is a gorgeous color--if incredibly hard to photograph adequately--but the formula on it is TERRIBLE. Just terrible. It's sheery, streaky, gummy, unforgiving and just generally impossible to work with. I was seduced by it's shimmer when I saw it in Sally's, but even before I tried it myself, I was nervous because I'd read that the formula is hard to work with. Well, yeah, it is.

After screwing up a few nails, I got too frustrated to keep trying and just took it all off and thus, no pictures.

This morning, I went straight for the Lime Crime.

It is, by far, the best and easiest to work with yellow creme polish I have found so far. It's not perfect; it requires finesse and takes 3 coats to even out to a point where it's not streaky and has no bald spots, but...really, that's pretty much the story of EVERY yellow creme I've tried so far.

Here is what I've learned about yellow cremes: they're a lot like having naturally curly hair. That is, the more you mess with them, the worse they look. You are better off just leaving your first, imperfect brush stroke than trying to go over it again to correct it, because the more you try to fix it and even it out, the more it's going to streak and leave bald spots.

Once I'd painted my nails with Crema De Limon, I'd thought I was going to try striping the color with black and white, but the stripes came out very uneven, the white was blending too much into the yellow and I didn't love the overall look. But I do love yellow & black in combination, so I took off all the polish, started from scratch and painted my nails again.

I decided to give stamping another try. I'd had better success/luck with stamping single images rather than trying to do a whole nail pattern and I had a pattern I specifically wanted to try.

I first started with Butter London Union Jack Black, but the first couple stamps came out oddly smudged and I thought it might be a problem with the thinness of the polish, so I switched to Zoya Raven.

It didn't seem to help much. I don't know if it was just that I was working on a less solid surface than I should've been or whether the plate was just cut especially shallow or what, but all the stamps came out pretty fuzzy and attenuated.

They don't look TERRIBLE, and they look better from a distance than they do close up, but I've definitely done better. Even imperfect, I like the overall effect; the color combination and choice of stamp...but man, I really want to get better at this stamping thing!

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