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I had the bright idea of doing a rainbow this week, so I wore a red polish on Monday; today I wore orange. This is another of the HITS Speciallita No Olimpo polishes, Demeter.

I really feel like they mixed up the names for Hestia and Demeter, because Demeter is the goddess of fertility & agriculture and Hestia's soft lavender feels much more appropriate for the return of Persephone and the coming of spring, while Demeter's warm coppery orange feels much more appropriate for the goddess of the hearth, but hey, I wasn't at the meeting where they decided on names, so WTH? Maybe they were going for something harkening to grain? IDK.

Anyway. Demeter is a much warmer, reddish orange than I was expecting, even in full sunlight. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the color, and it certainly looks a lot better against my skin tone than brassier oranges, but it's also has enough red-brown to it that it blends back into my skin tone more than I was expecting, making it a more subtle look than I was thinking when I saw 'orange'. Still, it's an observation, not a fault. I find myself digging on this subtle brown/orange a lot. A LOT.

This is a scattered holo polish, but as you can see, the holo effect is very visible/obvious and beautiful. The holographic effect is not affected by top coat (1 coat of Poshe).

The formula is neither thick nor thin but it is very easy; silky, forgiving, easy leveling, fast to dry but not so fast it gets gummy. The light color and sheerness means it took 4 coats to get to opacity. Obviously, if you don't care about VNL, you could get away with fewer.

As a rule, I've been really pleased with the No Olimpo polishes from HITS. Great color, just enough off the usual, great formula, deeply satisfying manicures.

HITS is a Brazilian brand polish. Here in the US, I buy through Llarowe. The polishes retail for around $8 each.
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