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So, I'll warn you ahead of time; not a single one of these pictures is completely color-true, nor do they adequately capture how sparkly this polish really is.

I tried. I took a bunch of pictures. But it was just impossible to capture with the means at my disposal. So let me tell you now: in person? This polish looks like THE RUBY SLIPPERS.

First of all, I think the name is completely misleading (though I gather from blog-hopping that this is a new formulation of an old polish and the old was definitely both more burgundy and more frosty). This polish isn't the least bit frosty. It's ember-red, flat milled glitter in a syrupy blood red base. Though it looks rather tomato red in most of these pictures, in person, it's actually a deep, bloody scarlet, with the glitter giving it a banked coal glow.

The funny thing is, literally moments before putting this polish on, I'd been saying I don't like New York Color's polishes (though I adore their top coats!). I had to take that back, as soon as I started working with this one.

These are new bottles, so I'm imagining that they've changed their formula (which I previously found rather watery), because this was liquid but not at all watery; silky, good flow and drag, excellent leveling, easy to control and very forgiving. You can get a hint of the shimmer in this photo, though I swear,it's ONLY a hint of how shimmery the polish really is.

It dries very quickly and it dries very flat. As you can see, even after 3 coats, there's some VNL, so it is a very sheer polish, but it has such an intense color and glowing quality that I didn't mind at all.

This picture was taken in straight daylight and it's probably the most color true of the bunch...but it's still a darker scarlet than this, even and the shimmer is so much more visible.

The cons of the polish is that it is a little bloody in the clean up (you can see how pink the area near my cuticles is) and that it does stain a little on removal. But other than that, it's a dreamboat of a polish and for less than $1, it's an AMAZEBALLS polish.

So, I loved the polish, but I kept thinking about how pretty it would look, with the scarlet sparkle under a pure white pattern. I am TERRIBLE at stamping, but I'm determined to get better, so I pulled out my plates and Zoya Purity and gave it a try. As you can see, it was not very successful...but for a full nail stamp, it's also the most successful I've been so far. The pinkie and middle finger in particular, turned out the best, though the other fingers were pretty much a wash. Slow improvement, but improvement, nonetheless...

I buy NYC polishes from Rite Aid (where I got this one) or Target, usually. They are generally less than $2.
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