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And here we have a trio of singletons from Butter London. I don't have a lot to say about these, but for good reasons: they're awesome! They look good, good formula, amazing color. If Butter wasn't so damned expensive, I'd buy a lot more! As it is, I mainly wait until there are sales of some kind and then buy hard.

Let's start with Bluey.

Bluey reminds me a bit of OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue, but has more of a green tone. It's blue and green microglitter in a teal jelly base, but when it dries, it doesn't look or feel particularly glittery, it looks and feels like any shimmery polish. But you can see the high shine, intense pigmentation and the almost sparkly aspects of it, right?

Because it's glitter, it is rather sheer. This is three coats. But the formula was wonderful. Silky, flat, easy to control, easy to clean around the cuticles and, most importantly NO STAINING. Dry time was very fast.

This is Two-Fingered, which is a rather rude name for such an unbelievably elegant polish. It's an amazing sage-green/turquoise blue creme with flat-milled copper flecks. The overall effect is that of patinaed copper.

The formula is great; thick but not gluey. Good drag, great leveling, easy to control. The downside is that the copper flecks can make it hard to clean up around the cuticle line and you're left with flecks on your fingers if you're not careful with removal.

This is only 2 coats and I'm pretty sure I'm not wearing top coat in these pix. Dry time was very fast.

Wallis is one of those "so ugly it's pretty" colors. It's an olive green/gold, glitter in a translucent black base. (I apologize for the grungy bottle; it came like that) You can see the glitter more in this one than in Bluey, but they have similar composition.

This is two coats, no top coat. Like the others, formula was very good. Flat, silky, good flow and drag, good leveling, easy to control, easy to clean up.

I was really worried about Wallis when I first bought it, between it's "ugly" color and the conflicts with golds and my skin tone, but I think it actually looks pretty great on me and I ended up really loving its unique, antiqued color.

I generally buy Butter London from Ulta (online or in-store) or direct from Butter London. It retails for about $15 US, but they (or Ulta) have sales fairly often. This month, Ulta is doing its 21 Days of Beauty sale again and will have them on sale for $9 on March 15 (in-store) (though I think there's a limit of 2).

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I don't love bright blue polishes in general, on me anyways (I have thick blue veins on my hands, and blue nails really make them pop *facepalm*), but that looks great on you. Those other two, though? WAAAANNNNTTT. Two-Fingered is so pretty!! It really does look like the patina on weathered copper! And that olive gold is marvellous. Hmmm. That colour looks amazing on me, and I have some old polish somewhere in something similar - shimmer rather than outright sparkly; wonder if it's still useable? I think I know what my weekend mani's gonna be!


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