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After a period of uncharacteristic indecisiveness, I asked for advice about what color I should wear yesterday, and my friend suggested Jade Diamond Supernova.

The pros: The formula is really thin and silky, incredibly forgiving. This is three coats, but it has the thickness of one. It's very liquid but not watery, easy to control. It dries very fast, but not so fast it gets gummy.

The cons: it is very sheer. Even after 3 coats, there's still some VNL. It's that brassy, orange-y gold that I really deeply love and keep being attracted to, but that doesn't look that great against my skin. While doing clean-up, I had a really hard time telling what was me, and what was polish.

But, of course, being me, I love the color anyway...though it's not as gold as I thought it would be. It also has a lovely duochrome quality to it, shading from golden-brown to a truer-yellow.


I had a specific manicure in mind for this color, a variation on a manicure I saw on Instagram by Lucy's Stash; gold polish with accent dots in black and white.

This isn't an exact replica; the Lucy's Stash manicure (here) had large dots in a kind of gradient pattern, but I wanted to do something with smaller dots.

I used Zoya Raven and Purity for the dots. I was really torn about this one. The gold wasn't as gold as I wanted and the dots...I really wish I'd done them differently. I wanted a random effect, but I think it ended up looking messy and I wish I'd just alternated white & black instead. I think it would've looked better.

Still, I didn't hate it. I do like the color combo a lot and I think the overall effect was a very visually interesting one, even if I wish I'd done the particulars a little differently. Despite my misgivings, I did find myself admiring it quite a lot, so I can't have done too badly, right? :)

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Date: 2013-03-04 02:38 pm (UTC)
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I think it looks great! It seems like the thing with dots is that unless you have some kind of inhuman level of control they inevitably end up looking kind of messed up when you look really close, but from even a foot or so away they look perfect and awesome.


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