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So, I've mentioned before: I don't really use base coat. I don't have great reasons for not using it, I just don't, most of the time, unless I think (or know) a polish is prone to stain.

Just recently, I placed an order for some polishes by KBShimmer. They arrived yesterday and in with the polish, she'd put a little instructional note, reminding you that glitters tend to settle, and so it's a good idea to give any glittery polish a good shake before using; a brief tutorial on the foil method of polish removal. And, she mentioned, it's a good idea to use base coat with glitter polishes, to give that first coat something to grab onto.


I had noticed before that some polishes--and yes, especially glitter polishes--have a hard time grabbing onto the nail surface on that first coat, making it sheer, uneven and messy even though, in the second coat (when it's got something to grab onto) it's just fine. I truly and sincerely do not know why it never occurred to me to use base coat to give that first coat something to grab. It's like paper clips: SO OBVIOUS IN RETROSPECT. But yeah. That never occurred to me.

And, imo, it made all the difference today, when I put on KBShimmer Get Clover It:

Get Clover It is part of KBShimmer's 2013 Spring Collection. It's a juicy, squishy emerald green jelly with micro-micro gold glitter and circle glitter in gold, blue and green. Some of the blogs I'd seen used polish underneath, but I thought those made the polish look more muddy, so I decided to take a chance and use Get Clover It as-is. I think you'll agree with me I made the right decision.

This is 3 coats of GCI and it has a beautiful stained glass quality to it without showing any real VNL, even in (albeit cloudy) daylight. The jelly base reminds me a bit of Zoya Frida, but GCI is, I think, definitely more emerald while Frida had a more noticeable blue lean. The glitters are holographic and produce a LOT of shine.

The formula was great! Surprisingly great. The base coat made a real difference, giving that first coat something to grab onto (I used Zoya Anchor base coat, literally the only base coat I own). I had to do a little bit of finessing with the glitter to get even distribution, but not much and I didn't have to dab at all to get glitter ONTO the nail, and I think you'll agree; these are not glitter poor at all.

Dry time was fairly fast and clean up was easy; the jelly and microglitter gave way to the acetone easily and the bigger pieces of glitter were fairly easy to shove up or back, into the main mass. But honestly, I didn't have to do much clean up at all; the polish was thick enough (but not gluey) to easily control where it went.

The polish actually lies very flat. I had no problems with bumpiness, or with glitter clumping up or making sharp ridges. I put a single coat of Out The Door over it. A few hours later, I did notice it had sucked up some of the top coat, so it's a little hungry...but the polish is still very smooth on its own, like I said. It doesn't kick up my textural issues.

The previous pictures were taken in a combination of lamp & day light; this one was taken in daylight alone althought, again, it was a pretty cloudy day today. But I'd read on one blog that she'd noticed that her application (without any undies) turned out to be 'somewhat patchy' in daylight and I wanted pictoral evidence that I didn't have that problem. The application is perfectly even and opaque, despite the fact that the jelly LOOKS see-through. I really attribute that to the addition of base coat.

Obviously, as part of a spring collection, this is a perfect polish for St. Patrick's Day and the name points toward that, but--maybe with the zeitgeist of all the Wizard of Oz related things happening right now--I also found myself thinking of The Emerald City while looking at this polish and, though I'll probably be pulling it out for St. Patrick's Day, I think it's a great polish for any time of year, gorgeous and vivid and interesting to look at.
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