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Tryst Lacquers is a Canadian indie. I forget just now how she came to my attention; it was probably either Facebook or Instagram...but despite the prettiness of her offerings, I was thrown off by the shipping costs from here to the U.S.

But such gorgeous swatches kept showing up on my time line; eventually my resistance wore down and I decided to give her a try. I purchased one full size polish and three minis (one of which I haven't tried yet, so no pics of that one).

In general, I found the formula of her polishes to be really easy to work with, even though they're pretty glitter intensive. I didn't have to dab or finesse any of these, the glitter all laid pretty flat, they weren't especially top coat hungry. The downsides were leveling: they didn't self-level especially well, so you have to make sure you're laying it down evenly yourself; and the smell.

Tryst Lacquers have a very strong, chemical smell; stronger than most nail polishes I'm used to, definitely stronger than Kleancolor polishes. In terms of migraine factor, it wasn't nearly as bad as Lurudana's perfumed polish and it didn't linger nearly as long, but I did feel slightly headachy while painting my nails (while the bottle was open).

It's difficult, because the polishes are exceptionally gorgeous...but I suspect the smell is what's keeping me from really wanting to try out the fourth polish I bought. *shrugs*

Anyway. The pics.

This is Violets Are Blue. It's a lavender crelly with micro hexes in black, silver and aqua, and larger hexes in royal blue.

It's sheer, so this is four coats...but the dry time was very fast, so it wasn't a huge PITA. Next time, I'd probably use undies, maybe Lavendairy, by Lime Crime? IDk.

I was just saying to [personal profile] embroiderama that some lavenders have a tendency to fade back into my skin tone; I think that would probably be the case here, except the royal blue hexes are so electric, it really brings the lavender forward and gives good visual interest.

This is Jar of Hearts. It's the first TL polish that I saw and I was immediately overcome with lust. I'm not much for holiday manicures, but I knew I wanted to wear this on Valentine's Day. So I did. This was, I think, the very day that my ring fingernail broke off, right at the quick line.

I was worried whether it would be clumpy, so this is actually 1 coat of Jar of Hearts over 2 coats of...some black polish. I'm not sure which; probably Zoya Raven. (I seem to have forgotten to take ANY notes on Jar of Hearts)

But honestly, it was such a dream, I probably didn't even need the undies. Smooth flow, good glitter distribution, lovely rich color. Apparently, this was really popular as a Valentine's Day color, because the woman who makes TL reposted my pic and several others to her Instagram account for the polish. Exciting!

And then, finally we have Lust is in the Air:

This is the polish that finally made me break down and buy and, as you can see, it's the full-size polish. I just kept seeing it on FB and Instagram and every time, before I even knew what polish it was, I was overcome by a feeling of, "OMG, MUST HAVE."

I have to confess, I don't fully grasp the relationship between the name and polish with this one the way I do with the other two, except in the feeling of possessive lust I felt at seeing it. LiitA is a slate blue/gray jelly with gold micro hexes and larger hexes and squares of silver-blue. (I am really in love with gold micro hexes lately, IDEK)

The jelly is very sheer, so this is 4 coats but, again, the dry time was very fast. It flows surprisingly well for as glitter heavy as it is, but it does not level at all, which meant polish distribution wasn't as even as I'd like; there were a couple places where it was thicker on one side of the nail than the other. I would definitely try this again with undies.

No problems with glitter sticking up or clumping; no dabbing or finessing necessary. And, with some Seche Vite on top, it flattened out the ridges pretty nicely.

Really, my only serious problem with any of these polishes was the smell and, for that reason, I don't know if I'd buy another Tryst Lacquers polish. I'd definitely recommend them to people who have a less sensitive sense of smell than I do, though.
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