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As I'm actively avoiding taking off A Positive today, this is what I wore the day before yesterday.

HITS Speciallità is another of those "not-indie" brands; a Brazilian polish not (as far as I know) widely available in the U.S. and sold through a small(ish) intermediary like Llarowe (where I buy from), Ninja Polish or Harlowe & Co.

This is Dionisio, from the No Olimpo collection, a series of holographic polishes with names from the Greek Gods. Dionisio is a beautiful deep, dusty purple linear holo. You can see in all these pictures how strong the holographic effect is; I didn't have to work for it at all. And all these pictures are taken in lamplight; the effect is even more pronounced in sun/daylight.

This is 2 coats. What I really like about the No Olimpo polishes is that--unlike a lot of the other holographic polishes I've dealt with--it behaves like any other nail polish; it goes down evenly and doesn't leave/make bald spots on the nail. The formula is good: silky, good flow, easily controlled, neither too watery or thick. The only real downside is that it was pretty slow to dry; slower than the other No Olimpo holo I've tried (see below). I have 2 more No Olimpo holos in my untried pile. We'll see how those behave.

Also unlike a certain contingent of holographic polishes, the holo effect is not at all diminished or diffracted by adding top coat (always a plus, in my book). Look at that color. Isn't it gorgeous?

Okay, now let's look at Hestia.

Hestia is actually the first HITS/No Olimpo polish that I bought and tried. The woman who runs Llarowe, Leah Anne, uses it at her icon on Facebook, and the idea of a lavender holographic polish made me swoon. (pro tip: I love lavender and I love holo)

Hestia has all the same benefits of Dionisio; intense color, great formula, intense holo effect. It has a considerably faster dry time than Dionisio...though I would still say the dry time is only average, not notably fast. Also, because Hestia is a lighter color, this is 3 coats, rather than 2.

Though both polishes have strong holographic effect, I felt like the paler color of Hestia made it more visible from a distance. There was also more noticeable color change with shifts in my fingers or in the lights, varying from an almost Easter-Egg pastel lavender to a smokier, most sophisticated lavender-gray. I didn't get as much variation in the pictures, obviously, but it's there.

And then, selfishly, can we take a moment to mourn how fucking AWESOME my nails looked when I was wearing Hestia? I'd gotten them to the perfect length, the perfect shape, they were strong and gorgeous and normally, I'm pretty philosophical at this point when they break and go back down to nubs (if nothing else, it makes typing a hell of a lot easier!) but this time...O, this time... *sobs*

Anyway. I bought my HITS Speciallità polishes from Llarowe and they're very reasonably priced at $8 each. The bottles are tall and thin (which I don't love; I'm always afraid they're going to tip over) but they hold a decent amount of polish at 6ml (the average size of American brands runs around 15ml).
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