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I don't know what to say about this first manicure. It's a manicure that I did and there's nothing wrong with it, and I like the colors, but it just didn't wow me or give me that feeling of accomplishment like I wanted. I think maybe because it's just too similar to a manicure I've done before.

So, this is Zoya Happi. It's from the 2010 Reverie collection.

Happi is a bright, cotton-candy pink that, though you can't really tell from this picture, has a lot of gold shimmer. In the bottle, at least. Disappointingly, it didn't really transfer to the nail as much as I wanted and it's not very duochrome at all.

As disappointed as I am that the gold doesn't shine through, Happi is still a very pretty color. It's sheer, which means it takes 3 or 4 coats to build up complete opacity (I think this is 3?), but the formula is easy to work with and dries fast, so it's not a PITA to build up to 3 or 4 layers.

In this picture, you can see there was some slight bubbling, though. Again, not sure if this is a humidity problem or the fact that I put the polish on too quickly or just a formula problem.

Happi, however, was a little too boring for me to just leave it alone. So I decided to paint a stripe of Inglot 201, holographic micro-glitter in a clear base.

Though I like 201, and it has great sparkle, I also feel like there's more base than glitter, if that makes sense. It's impossible to paint just a single, thick line of 201 evenly and so each stripe had to be painted over a few times, when the previous layer had gotten thick or gummy enough to adhere. I had to fill in bald places in the line, too, and it's liquid and fine enough that it doesn't dab well.

You can see in this photo how thin it still looks in places.

Or this one.

Or really, any of these. I loved the sparkle on this one, but, as I mentioned, the whole effect just didn't wow me. I was kind of bored with it, and after sitting around for a few hours trying to feel more enthusiastic than I did, I gave up and decided to do something else with my nails.

This is China Glaze Swanky Silk, part of the 2012 New Bohemian collection, a collection of duo/multichromes. Swanky silk is the least duochromatic, imo, of the collection. Though it can bend a little rosy, it mostly looks gold, albeit a very luxe, mellow gold.

China Glaze's formula can be inconsistent; this is one of the better formulas, only requiring 2, smooth coats, and it has an average-fast dry time.

I decided to combine Swanky Silk with Inglot XL7, a mixture of clear microglitter and iridescent blue/purple microglitter in a clear base. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the result.

Being mainly interested in the 'glowing' purple iridescent microglitter, I didn't really think about what the clear glitter would do to the polish/overall look.

But the clear glitter ended up giving Swanky Silk a pitted look that was really interesting. I don't know how well it would work with other colors (and I haven't tried yet) but with Swanky Silk, it gave it an almost beaten gold look, with the iridescent flecks almost like tiny jewels amid the gold.

It wasn't incredibly visible from far away; overall, this is a very subtle look, because the gold is neutral and not ridiculously different from my skin tone and the iridescent glitter isn't incredibly blingy or noticeable except when it sparkles at an angle...but I liked it. It looks expensive and elegant in its simplicity and though I'm not always in the mood for subtle, when I am, this is exactly the sort of thing I'd like to wear.

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