Mar. 1st, 2013

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Tryst Lacquers is a Canadian indie. I forget just now how she came to my attention; it was probably either Facebook or Instagram...but despite the prettiness of her offerings, I was thrown off by the shipping costs from here to the U.S.

But such gorgeous swatches kept showing up on my time line; eventually my resistance wore down and I decided to give her a try. I purchased one full size polish and three minis (one of which I haven't tried yet, so no pics of that one).

In general, I found the formula of her polishes to be really easy to work with, even though they're pretty glitter intensive. I didn't have to dab or finesse any of these, the glitter all laid pretty flat, they weren't especially top coat hungry. The downsides were leveling: they didn't self-level especially well, so you have to make sure you're laying it down evenly yourself; and the smell.

Tryst Lacquers have a very strong, chemical smell; stronger than most nail polishes I'm used to, definitely stronger than Kleancolor polishes. In terms of migraine factor, it wasn't nearly as bad as Lurudana's perfumed polish and it didn't linger nearly as long, but I did feel slightly headachy while painting my nails (while the bottle was open).

It's difficult, because the polishes are exceptionally gorgeous...but I suspect the smell is what's keeping me from really wanting to try out the fourth polish I bought. *shrugs*

Anyway. The pics.

A Trio of Trysts. )

Really, my only serious problem with any of these polishes was the smell and, for that reason, I don't know if I'd buy another Tryst Lacquers polish. I'd definitely recommend them to people who have a less sensitive sense of smell than I do, though.
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So, I've mentioned before: I don't really use base coat. I don't have great reasons for not using it, I just don't, most of the time, unless I think (or know) a polish is prone to stain.

Just recently, I placed an order for some polishes by KBShimmer. They arrived yesterday and in with the polish, she'd put a little instructional note, reminding you that glitters tend to settle, and so it's a good idea to give any glittery polish a good shake before using; a brief tutorial on the foil method of polish removal. And, she mentioned, it's a good idea to use base coat with glitter polishes, to give that first coat something to grab onto.


I had noticed before that some polishes--and yes, especially glitter polishes--have a hard time grabbing onto the nail surface on that first coat, making it sheer, uneven and messy even though, in the second coat (when it's got something to grab onto) it's just fine. I truly and sincerely do not know why it never occurred to me to use base coat to give that first coat something to grab. It's like paper clips: SO OBVIOUS IN RETROSPECT. But yeah. That never occurred to me.

And, imo, it made all the difference today, when I put on KBShimmer Get Clover It:

Never getting over THIS! )

Obviously, as part of a spring collection, this is a perfect polish for St. Patrick's Day and the name points toward that, but--maybe with the zeitgeist of all the Wizard of Oz related things happening right now--I also found myself thinking of The Emerald City while looking at this polish and, though I'll probably be pulling it out for St. Patrick's Day, I think it's a great polish for any time of year, gorgeous and vivid and interesting to look at.


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